Have you lost a piece of jewelry while gardening at home, playing at the park, on the beach or in the water..??

Whether it be on land or in the water from ankle deep to 100 feet, we can locate and recover your lost treasure. Every year, we recover countless rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches.

Our Scuba divers can help you recover lost jewelry, propellers, tools, or anything that has fallen overboard or off of a dock.


Do you currently live in a very old home.? Are you curious to see what generations before you have left behind.? ┬áLet’s find out….

A lost or hidden cache left behind by a family member can also be located.

We can also locate your Property Markers, or if there is concern for any buried oil tanks or pipes, we can assist in locating these items.

Serving the Greater Toronto Area and Surrounding Locations


Lost / Hidden Cache

Has a family member not been able to remember where a cache was buried..?

Has someone passed on, never revealing the location of a hidden cache..??

Again, we can help you recover these treasures.

We have several different tools to help you recover a cache on a Property search.


Having “on-going” recoveries of metallic items for two Fortune 500 companies, a major soft drink bottler and breakfast cereal manufacturer, we are confident that we can also assist your business if there is a possibility of a metal contaminate in your product. We also locate buried oil tanks and pipes.

Insurance adjusters dealing with property claims will find our service beneficial before paying out on a claim if the lost jewelry item can be recovered.

Estate Searches for Estate Lawyers / Accountants can be conducted with our top of the line equipment, tools and experience.