David called me yesterday about his lost white gold wedding band. 

David said he had been pulling some ivy and weeds in one of his backyard gardens and bagged everything and then planted some new plants in the cleaned up garden. 
Sometime later that night, David noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding band and looked all around the … Read the rest

I really got behind on my blogs lately, probably missing a few dozen but I had some time today after a search and thought I would post it. 
Doug called me last night about his lost gold wedding band and said it is quite special to him as it was his grandfather’s wedding band. 

He said that he was at … Read the rest

I had a call from Brad yesterday about his fiancé Kate’s lost engagement ring. 

Brad told me that they had been getting ready to play Ultimate Frisbee on a large field in a park in Toronto on Tuesday evening when Kate took her rings and car keys and placed them all into a pocket of her bag which they left … Read the rest

Josh called me in a panic yesterday and told me he had lost his wife’s wedding rings. 

Josh and his wife had been at a beach in Toronto two days ago where they were relaxing by a fire on the beach and hanging out with friends. 

Josh’s wife had removed her rings and given them to him to hold for … Read the rest

I had a call from Adam on Friday about his lost white gold wedding band. 

Adam told me that they had a “bouncy castle” in their backyard for their young son on Friday and afterwards, Adam noticed that some dirt had accumulated on the castle floor. Adam quickly swept off the dirt with his left hand and felt his wedding … Read the rest

I had a call from Lea a few days ago about her lost platinum and diamond wedding band. 

  Lea said she had taken off her wedding band and put it in her front pocket so she wouldn’t lose it as she began to do a bit of yard clean up and spring gardening. 
When she had finished, … Read the rest

I had a call from Zoran a few days ago about his lost wedding band.


He told me that he and his wife of two months were out building a snowman last week from a somewhat crazy April storm here and that when they finished and got back inside the apartment, he was shocked to see he was no longer … Read the rest

Dan called me on Tuesday afternoon after he had lost his platinum wedding band in Christie Pits Park in Toronto. This is a popular place for tobogganing in the city. 
Dan and his wife Amanda were having a bit of fun tobogganing on the hill on a spur of the moment type thing on Tuesday and Dan was pretty sure that … Read the rest

I had a call last night from Evan about his lost platinum wedding band. 


Evan told me he had been throwing a ball to his dog Penny at a park in downtown Toronto on Thursday afternoon and on the last throw, he flicked the ball underhand and felt his ring fly off after the ball. 
He immediately looked … Read the rest

Simon called me last night about his lost wedding band. He explained that he was at a park in downtown toronto with his family where they built a snowman and played around in the little bit of snow that we had from a few days ago.

After finishing the snowman and playing a bit more, Simon noticed that … Read the rest